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Chocolate Trending in Hawai’i

Makana Corporate Rewards CocoaDid you know that besides having an average temperature of 77.6 degrees, Hawai’i is the only place in the United States with commercial cacao production?

Hawai’i, better known for pineapple, sugar cane and kona coffee are now looking at cacao growers to produce high quality cacao beans. Like wine grapes, environmental factors like soil, climate and sunlight give the cacao bean their distinctive character or terroir. There is a trend rising in the islands with “farm to bar” and “bean to bar” manufacturers producing exceptional chocolate products that are distinct to the islands.

In addition to the rich and distinct flavor of Hawaii’s dark chocolate, these heavenly bits of deliciousness provide seven health benefits

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Hawai’i, the Happiest State in the U.S.

Makana Corporate Rewards MoanaluaTravel and Leisure Magazine just reported, according to a Gallup Poll, Hawai’i has been named the happiest state in the country for the sixth year in a row. Cailey Rizzo reports that states with more access to nature generally tend to be happier.

Inspired to get my happy on, a hike on the Moanalua Hike Trail was in order this weekend. To my delight this was no ordinary hike, it runs deep with history. There are remnants of an abandoned home once owned by the Damon family and Hawaiian petroglyphs near one of the ancient bridges along the river flow of the valley. The ahupua’a* of Moanalua was established as a center of hula and chanting during the reign of Oahu’s King Kakuhihewa in the 1600s. 

The Gallup Poll is right…access to nature is my #happyplace!

*An ahupua’a is a complex system of land division used by ancient Hawaiians. It’s a wedged area of land running from the uplands to the sea providing each community the resources it needed to be sustainable.

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